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Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
...Of course, Bonzo was... let's just say... very self-confident, but you never know what could have been in his future. ...

At any rate, he changed the scope of drumming forever.
Hey Ian,

I agree that it's a fool's game to predict what "could have happened". John Bonham was both very talented and creative. He probably would have continued to grow and improve.

However, he may not have been as self-confident as you think. According to Robert Plant quoted here:, John was not feeling very confident in his abilities. Plant quotes John, on the day before his death, as saying: ďIíve had it with playing drums. Everybody plays better than me. Iíll tell you what, when we get to the rehearsal, you play the drums and Iíll sing."

Apparently, even the very best doubt their abilities.

He is truly missed!
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