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Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
Not quite sure what he had left to acheive.....
Oh, come on. Look at guys like Weckl and Steve Smith... amazing players at a young age and into musical maturity, but they went to a guru to improve to whatever extent they believed they needed.

Of course, Bonzo was... let's just say... very self-confident, but you never know what could have been in his future. He may have gone the jazz route like Baker and Watts. He may have done clinics and, as mentioned, gone to an old jazz guru to sharpen his skills. You never know, he may have switched to traditional grip at some point.

It's a flounder in the impossible to second-guess what could have been, but you can't say that somebody at the age of 40 is done achieving things. Buddy got better with age, so has Vinnie, Smith... blah, blah, blah.

At any rate, he changed the scope of drumming forever.
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