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Default Both bands doing pretty wWell now.

For those of you interested, I am writing about the pros and cons of the two bands that I am in. Most of the stuff is GREAT, but I am venting a bit about somethings.

I am now in two bands. One is a classic hard rock cover band and the other is a classic soft rock cover band.

The Hard Rock Cover Band has it's first 2 gigs lined up. One at a local guitar center in June and a private party in July. We might be playing a couple of large biker festivals in August and September.

We have about 6 songs down and could play 8 or 9 if need be.

This is really exciting for me, and will be a personnel milestone. When I started playing a few years ago, one of my major goals was to play an actual gig.

I just wish the guys in this band would practice more intelligently. I get frustrated at practice when we play and we make the same mistakes in the same songs over and over again. The guys just don't seem to want to do the same song over and over until we get it right. I don't understand. They seem to get bored and want to move on.

Had my first official practice with band #2 last night. Oddly enough, we played about 10 songs pretty well. This band has not been together as long as my other band, but they seem to do their "homework" a lot better. I really did my homework, charted out most of the songs and actually made it through all of the ones we did on my first attempt. When something didn't feel right, we did it over. Some songs we did 4 times in a row. They seem to have a much better work ethic than my other band and don't mind putting in the time on their own or at the practice session to get it right.

My only complaint with the new band, is that they play so friggin quietly. I play loud and this is proving to be a challenge for me. In the end, learning to play with dynamics will probably come in handy. By the end of practice, it was getting easier, but I found myself really needing to "think" while playing.

Now, I want to try to get my first band to practice more intelligently. Perhaps now that we actually have gigs booked, they will do their homework.

Sorry for the rambling, but this is just an exciting time for me. I am living my dream now and having so much fun that I just want to tell everyone I can.

You guys and gals out here have helped me so much during the last 3 years. I do not think I would be where I am as a drummer (and mind you, it isn't great!) without all the input, suggestions and support you have given me.


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