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theoritically if you would like to use thinner plate, say 1/8" thick. You could, if you are willing to add in some welding.

You would take the same size plate but of 1/8" steel. You could then make "fins" out of the same plate material, and weld them to the bottom. Cut a small half circle or a half oval, if you will, and weld 1 or 2 to the bottom of the plate (making sure they won't hit the bottom plate underneath (the red plate).

Anyway now that I have thoroughly confused everyone, welding fins to the back of a plate used in this matter would make it much more resistant to bending.

just a little fyi.

my 2 cents: you could do this with 1/4" plate which for this application would be highly unlikely to bend, and even if it does, you could take it off, heat it up and bend it back. OR after you make your first one and mock it up to make sure it all fits, you could make 2 or 3 as backups if you were concerned at all.

Make sure to cover it with the appropriate paint, it is iron after all, you don't want it to rust!
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