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Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
Is that the stock, godawful hinge in pic 1 that gave the first 5000's their bad reputation?

Measured at rear of pedal, what's the distance from top of foot board, to the bottom of hinge?

What's your total foot board length as a long board?

Your 'gusset' looks pretty heavy.
Regarding your first question, yes, that is the stock hinge. This isn't even all that old for a DW 5000. In fact, I wasn't aware they had upgraded.

Second question: I'm confused. Do you mean what is the overall length of the unified longboard pedal, including the hinge? Let me measure that.

Third question: I will measure that too. You could add it up also by measuring a stock DW 5000 footboard, hinge and heel plate and adding them together.

Fourth question: Yes, it's somewhat heavy. I chunk of aluminum would be lighter and as strong as necessary. But this doesn't seem to make much difference anyway because it's so far back. It will certainly never bend! The pedal is a prototype just to see if I could do it and what it would be like.
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