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Default Re: NEW Axis.....

Sorry for redundancy.

And I am no pro with measuring tapes and whatnot. But here goes.

Axis AL-2CB

Axis AL-2CB with my foot in relative playing position. BTW, I play with shoes now.

Axis AL-2CB with pressure applied to show where the beater would (and did) strike my foot. I don't own Sonic Hammers anymore, but if I did, you'd notice that it would have dinged the crest of the top of my foot. Not my shin, my foot. And yes, I do lift my feet a bit (mostly heel) while I'm playing.

I guess that I know nothing about Axis. I must have imagined the impossible. Even worse, I fabricated this whole "bruising my foot thing with Sonic Hammers" for some silly reason.

Les, if you're still around brother, I'd appreciate a return PM regarding my question.


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