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I must say that although I wouldn't rate Vinnie as my favorite drummer, I do think he is so far the greatest drummer to have lived on earth. He is just able to do everything with such taste and flare and seem to put his stamp on the stuff he plays without getting in the artists way.
His work on Eric Marienthal's "Upside Down", as someone mentioned previously, is insane. He is all over the place and yet you wouldn't change a note. I woodshed to that tune for a while and gave up. Vinnie is a true master with a bag of tricks for every occasion. He seems to put so much into his playing that at times he looks almost unco, then he rips some impossible fill like he's waved his hands over the kit and the sticks just go where they are supposed to.
The Steve Vai Frank Zappa sushi story tells it all.
The reason he is not my favorite is I guess his playing is hard for me with my ability, (lack of), to identify with, or think of myself ever playing like that. Having said that, I have never heard Vinnie do anything I haven't really liked. While there are a million great drummers out there, and I am not one to think of music as competitive, if Buddy Rich was considered to be the best ever, then I think that status should now be passed on to Vinnie.

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