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Originally Posted by ironcobra View Post
I would rather have fun on stage like Lars, than to be a boring basement drummer who is better at technical playing. It's also hard to judge his skill because there isn't much content of him soloing, I've only seen 2 or 3 clips. If I were to base his skill purely on how well it goes with the music, I would think hes an amazing drummer, sure argue the point, but having inspired thousands of people to start playing drums, that obviously says something about him and Metallica. Theres no point in arguing back and fourth, he isn't one of the most technical drummers, but he sure is one of the greatest.

***and don't bring up that same old solo from 1992 on the white Tama, he was obviously drunk, nobody can go an entire solo only playing single strokes.
Since when is being a technical drummer boring? You can groove like a mofo and be technical at the same time. Look at Steve Gadd. I would argue that it's BORING to play Larses stuff and not very fun at all. A three year old could bash on some cans and have fun, but that doesn't make the three year old a superb drummer. Lars having fun while he plays his one dimensional drums doesn't make him a great drummer either. And i've seen multiple drum solos of lars, he plays practically the same solo everytime. Triplet snare kick pedal snare tom patterns with random 16th note single thrown in, then he'll go into the "one double bass pattern. Not impressive at all
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