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Default Re: NEW Axis.....

Without diagnosing my foot action, I couldn't tell you exatly the numbers...I just got back from a show and am not getting into it tonight. All I know is, it isn't improbable or impossible. Wind up the springs, put the old sonic hammers on and set em about mid-way on the shaft. My size 13's did just fine in getting a pretty solid strike every now and then... right on the top of the foot.

I truly appreciate the time you took to try and put it to pics but I can only refute my evidence with words and maybe a vid from my myspace showing my foot action (with different beaters). Either way, I wasn't pleased with the weight-e-ness of the older sonic hammer. There arefar lighter, and IMHO "quicker and harder stroking" beaters that complimented the direct drive of the Axis. The AL-2 longboards are awesome pieces of engineering and I just can't imagine playing something else (unless forced).

And yeah...whats up with the little beaters?
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