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Originally Posted by sticksnstonesrus View Post
are they as heavy as the regular SH's?

My biggest draw back on them was getting dinged on the top of the foot by the dart-like tail of the hammer coming back on the return swing. After only a couple of those painful bruises, I went to regular beaters...

Practically impossible, highly improbable. Would like to know how you had your Axis set up to make this happen.

I've tried numours settings and techniques, never been able to have the rear-end hit my foot. One would have to have their calf/lower leg at an 'extreme forward angle' and be raising their foot off the board, then it 'might' strike the shin.

As you can see, with the horizontal hammer-shaft extended max-rear, there's 7-8" of distance to the foot board. For strikage to even become close onn the return stroke, the beater shaft would have to exceed a 70 degree angle, foot board would then be around 40 degrees, these angles would then get the back of a max-extended, horizontal hammer shaft 4-4.5" from the foot board, which BTW would still not strike a 'planted' foot. Max foot board angle (before foot board hits top of pedal) is about 60 degrees.
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