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Default Jean Paul Gaster of Clutch

I've been a huge clutch fan for the past 10 or so years and finally got the opportunity to see them last night. What an experience. Jean Paul Gaster was more than inspiring to me..not just by his spot on playing and jazz influenced chops but also his on going desire to just play..these guys tour constantly and unlike most drummers in bands that tour this much, staying back stage partying up until 10 minutes before they go on.. Gaster had a little practice pad set up on the side of the stage behind the wall of speakers facing the stage..from the minute the first opening band started to play, Gaster was on his practice pad facing the band warming up on his pad nonstop til the band was done..the same with the second opening band..also with his eyes glued on both drummers in a very observant and respectful manner.. it was very apparent his complete love for the drums.. especially when he played..I've never seen anyone play with such feeling and emotion.Treat yourself to some awesome drumming. Go see Clutch.
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