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Default Re: opinions on this Band

yeah that is the problem, the singer for me is a bit flat, and Deathmetalconga remember this is a tribute band, not a covers band. there is a big difference, but your right mate........we went with this name because we want to appeal to the masses, as in even people who half like the Chili' fans to hardcore, here's our set list, covers from the beginning to the present

Can’t Stop

Get On Top

Hump de bump / American Ghost Dance


Stone Cold Bush

Scar Tissue

Pretty Little Ditty

Soul to Squeeze

The Zephyr Song

Knock Me Down

Universally Speaking / Parallel Universe

Road Trippin’

Breaking The Girl


I Could Die For You

My Friends

Snow (Hey oh)


By The Way

If You Have to Ask

Blackeyed Blonde

Coffee Shop

Around The World


Funky Monks

Flea Fly

Out In L.A. / Get Up and Jump

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Catholic School Girls Rule

Me and My Friends

Venice Queen

Under The Bridge

Give It Away

Suck My Kiss

Higher Ground


Fouronsix your right and one of the problems is the singer is such a nice bloke and full of drive, he's really kept this going...........I seem to be the only one who thinks the singers voice maybe a concern!!!!

Any other comments, I agree and at at least you guys have been constructive so far, thanks for that
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