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It's not really an insult, I really rate Adler and am an avid fan of LOG. What i meant is that because they both play in two of the biggest metal bands around, you're going to have swarms of kids singing their praises just because they idolise them. It's the same with Barker, terrific drummer but the fanbase is godawful.
Exactly, look at mags like Metal Hammer or the UK Kerrang, Lars Ulrich wins best metal drummer every damn year, give me a break............I hate his style and I've been a fan since '86 Master of Puppets and it's got worse over the years..........he was good on Justice, possibly Black beyond yuk..........listen to him live, he'll never realise his job is at the back to drive the rhythm, his mouth and ego are similar to his style......over rated and sloppy!!

Listen to the mentioned Jordison and Lombardo stand in for Ulrich what in '06 at Donington........great show, showing how it once was played.......

For me Adler is way over Jordison, I was blown away by Jordison at first then I heard LOG and Adler and for the first time in many years my jaw dropped............I've had the pleasure of seeing Lamb in a very small venue and real up close to adler and man is he on the button everytime...........

He's the biggest breathe of fresh air to metal drumming to me in eons..........
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