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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by michael drums View Post

Just go back and re-read post # 39, if anyone needs a re-fresher course. ;-)

The Penguins ARE a really good team, but I got the Wings in 6!

Detroit just has the teamwork chemistry down to a science. :-)
Like the post,you're right you need chemistry on a team it don't. matter if you have a team of All-Stars if they don't. have chemistry it may as well as not even happen it's like that for a band,team,etc.being from the Detroit area I've got the Wings in 5 I figured they would get the Cup at Joe Louis Arena.Franzen & Chelios should be healthy by Sat. I don't. need to explain how important Chelios is to ANY team but Franzen was one best players during the playoffs having them both back the Wings should be unstopable noting taken away from Pittsburgh the are a great team and it should be a good series.can't. wait till Sat.

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