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Originally Posted by ripechancewoods View Post
Hi Pat!! It's so great to be able to talk to you! I have been using your book and DVD for the past 4 months or so.. and it has helped me improve my drumming more than anything else :) If I had the chance I would go to one of your clinics, but I live in New Zealand -When are you coming here?!!

Anyway, a question about double strokes: you mention in the book that you don't 'pull' the second stroke, but the way my teacher has taught me is to use a 'push-pull' technique i.e. using the fingers to pull the stick towards the palm to create the second stroke. However I find that this way of doing doubles really strains the tendons on the back of my hand. So could you please explain to me in more detail how to do a proper double stroke roll? Thanks.

Btw I have never seen a drummer who can groove like you do on the DVD.. the musical performances are awesome! You're the best :)


Thanks so much for the kind words, and glad you dig "H,G, & F".

I regards to rolls, I do NOT "pull" the second not, as I feel it makes the roll sound forced and uneven...I've never tried or have been taught to do that, ever..SO, as I mention in the DVD, you should aim for creating to open & even bounces by RELAXING the back fingers, not PULLING them. Using the forearm. push the stick down and let it bounce, allowing the second note to bounce up evenly. It's important you do not hit the first stroke too hard, because thats when the roll will sound "top heavy", like an accented first note. Try to achieve even bounces practicing the roll exercise in the Book.

That being said, it's not important that each not be "exactly the same" when executing a roll. Thats really over rated. The roll should flow and have a lightness to it, and the second note will always be a little under the first, thats just natural. Aim for equality without forcing the notes in...bounce them..Hope that helps!

Pat Petrillo
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