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Default Re: What other instruments do you play?

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
How many multi-instrumentalists on here?

I play drums (obviously), bass and guitar to a good standard, plus piano, theremin, xiao and erhu to a slightly less good standard. I also do a lot of programming for music like this.
What do you all do?

I was taught piano from a VERY early age. Was always "singing" drum parts (in my head) &

added drum lessons from about nine or ten, then added sax from the age of fourteen.(Because I love the sound)

I also love guitar, especially slide/blues..Rory Galllagher(dead), Moody, Moore, Winter, Ray-Vaughn, Vai & so many more ,but I didn't make enough time to learn yet another instrument.

Drums are my passion, always have been. I still enjoy playing sax & piano, but drums come first. I'm a drummer first & foremost :-))
"And he plays drums."
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