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Mid forties here. 44 to be exact.

I begand playing many years ago, 28 or so. Over the years I saw my share of the idiocy of this biz. For a while I was in a very popular band. Playing on TV, to large audiences etc. Was ripped off a LOT of money. Signed autographs while forgetting how to spell my name. Took coke (foolishly) before my 1st TV appearence. I tell you, it was the real cliche.

Later I worked doing sessions and lots and lots of touring for various idiots with a few decent people slotted in along the way. Became seriously ill and was out of it for a while. Got back to being a professional after posting on this very forum when a few kind souls gave me inspiration and advice.

Now I do a lot of teaching and my students are doing great. I love it and find it just as rewarding as the touring and recording. I also play in a band and do the occassional gig as a percussionist or drummer. I wont make a million but I'm having fun. And I keep collecting drums. There is no room for furniture where I live. No lie.
" Those who know, do not speak.
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