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Default Re: Who said pianists can't groove?

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
I'm pretty sure its fake... i mean, he uses ghost notes, and the sound of his ride on the first video changes a little bit if you listen from 1 minute onward. And how can he possibley hit the keys that fast at 2:14 on the second video? Also on the first video, the sound of his snare changes a lot, but im pretty sure keys have multiple snare sounds so that might not be a problem.
In my opinion I don't think it is. Watch and listen carefully and you will notice he's execution is not perfect (although god damn amazing!) Pulling off a fake with those "flaws" would be really an über pain in the backside to accomplish. Do not underestimate the speed at which a trained pianist can strike keys. Watch the video again and you can see that the strokes correspond to the sound at that 2:14 part. Concerning the multiple sounds, like you said he has a few keys assigned to snare tones and also has a dynamic touch keyboard - the sound can change depending on the pressure applied to the keys. I really don't think this is a fake...
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