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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Originally Posted by Pat Petrillo View Post
Hey, Joe (great name for a song : )

Man, thanks very much, and I am so glad you dig "H,G&F". It's for guys like you that I created this package, to open new doors, and show some new ways of phrasing grooves, creating fills, and developing hand coordination

As for the heads, they are Remo Clear Emperors on top and Clear Dips on the bottom.
I usually use Pinstripes or Emperors.

Stay encouraged! Also, please vote for "Hands, Grooves, & Fills" in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll under Method Book!


Haha thanks! I get "Hey Joe! Where you goin' with that gun in yo' hand?" [Jimi Hendrix] more than you'd think! I just wanted to ask another question: Many drummers think the Powersonic is waaaaaaaaaaay too dead. Seeing that it is your bass batter head of choice, what would you say to these people?
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