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Hello Matt,

Michael here. You sound to me like a real Who fan. I'm a fan also, but to put Keith Moon 2nd Best rock drummer of all time, is a bit of a stretch. Not to say he wasn't a great rock drummer, 'cause he was, but you're leaving out alot of other drummers that I believe were more influentual then Moon. Such as Paice, Appice, Bruford, Palmer, Copeland, Baker, Mitchell, Porcaro, Peart, etc... I would definitely put Moon at or near the top of the list for "Most Unique Rock Drummer Of All Time". And to say that Neil Peart is overrated is as far from accurate as you can get. Nice story about the Billy Cobham clinic, though. Thanks. Play On!
yup yup about peart being overated, if the man was that great, he wouldnt need a double kick for what he can do. its all about the heel-toe, im a big user
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