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Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
THAT is a great looking cymbal!

It just looks like it wants to be played!!!

Do you have a shop that stocks a lot of these, or do you do it online by the sound file of the exact cymbal?

Man, I need some new stuff.....time to stop buying different tom sizes and get some of these cool cymbals....

Yep, Lenny plays Innovation Drums, with Yamaha hardware with Yamaha tom mounts on the drums.
It really is a beauty Karl especially the sound. It's based off an old heavier Turkish K ride given to Wallace Rooney from Tony Williams played by Lenny during a musical stint he had with Wallace. Apparently it took over 2 years of prototypes based on the old master cymbal that were sent over from the factory in Turkey for his testing/comments for Lenny to finally be happy to put his blessing on the final production model which my sample pictured currently is and the one you see in Lenny's photo I posted.

I'm an Istanbul Agop endorser so I deal directly with the Canadian distributor Noel at Heartbeat Percussion for my cymbal needs. We have a specialty drum shop in Vancouver that deals with retail sales of all things Agop for the general public.

If you have any questions Karl about availability or models and such related to Istanbul Agop i'm sure Noel at Heartbeat will be happy to answer any questions you may have under "contact us" on this home page:


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