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Originally Posted by Moon_Type_Drummer View Post
i apologize. i suppose i am in a little over my head here, if you know what i mean. im kinda just tryin to get into the convo. but maybe not in the best way. but it comes down to a big inferiority complex in the forum. a lot of people here are really good, experienced drummers who have had training and lessons, and im kinda just a 17 yr old kid with no formal training having conversations with seasoned percussionists.

ya know?
Yep, I do know man. I'm the same age as you. There are a lot of places I can go to on the net and feel like I don't get it either. I feel confused on drum forums all the time. But you might want to hang around at these kinda places and and get a feel for stuff before saying stuff that looks like you're calling them out. There are also a bunch of talented young guys here you can talk to. In fact this is probably the only drum forum where younger guys with a clue get respect.
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