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Default Re: Travis Barker

Originally Posted by Moon_Type_Drummer View Post
yea, im a noob.

educate me.
It's friendly sarcasm man. It's coming your way because after being here 20 minutes, you said this:

Originally Posted by Moon_Type_Drummer View Post
a lot of people on this forum have to be asked this question;
whats your definition of "the best"? .
1. To say this you assume a whole lot, including the fact that no one here has considered that question over 4 years.

2. We weren't engaged in a the best conversation anyway. We were talking about how fanboys react to their heroes including Travis Barker, including how they label those who don't agree with them snobs. For several days you kept posting away, while some were wondering if you were actually reading what others were saying.

Nobody's trying to be a jerk man, and welcome to the discussion. But this identical behavior is what is usually seen on a Barker/Jordison/Peart/Bonham/Rich thread, and I'm not sure how it helps anything.

I'm just going to back off and lurk for awhile. A lot of repeat discussions going on today at the same time.
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