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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Did you read anything I wrote above?

For the 500th time, the primary issue is this.


Fanboy: X Drummer is so cool because he is the fastest ever. I love him.

Other Guy: No he isn't the fastest ever. In fact his strokes were subjected to computer analysis showing that he is merely of average speed. Look, here is the data.

Fanboy: That is your opinion. My opinion is that X Drummer is the fastest and coolest drummer ever. If you will not let me have my opinion you are an elitest snob.

You can find some version of this conversation in almost every thread where hero worship is present. Such claims aren't opinions. That's about keeping the legend alive in face of actual facts.

The irony of this argument is that I actually like most of the drummers who are worshipped like this. But the discussions about them are pretty frustrating, because the fanboy crowd could care less about having a real objective conversation, while always pulling the you're picking on me card when they can't think of anything else to say.

yea. i agree with you full on. but its almost impossible to change someone like thats opinion. thats whats wrong with a lot of people these days. theyre so ignorant to what THEY think is cool and awesome or whatever that they stay firm in that belief no matter what you throw at them.
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