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Originally Posted by Moon_Type_Drummer View Post
but its still an opinion. informed as they may be.

True. But for instance, a Cardiologist's opinion about your veins and heart is stronger and probably more important than some bum's on the street opinion even if the guy has read a book or two about Cardiology. Sure you could get a second or third or more opinions from other Cardiologists but that in no way diminishes the fact that Cardiologists' opinions are more valued than non-Cardiologists. Now of course health is more black and white than aesthetics but there are concrete things one can look at when determining that someone like Travis Barker sucks or a piece of art sucks and TRUE, in the end it all boils down to personal feelings and personal opinion. I could pee on the sidewalk and then punch myself in the nose and bleed on the pee, take a photo of it, call it art and of course at least one moron will agree with me. As a capable drummer who has forged a career as a drummer and can play a tune: Travis Barker does not suck. But taking in the totality of the contributions he's made to drumming: speed is the least important; and he's really not all that fast; he DOES suck. He hasn't done anything above and beyond, say, that nut Tre Cool from Green Day or even Sheila E for that matter. The only reason he's so famous is because he was in the prototype boy fake punk band: Blink 182. Much the same as Tommy Lee, if it hadn't been for Blink 182 and Motley Crue nobody would care about either Travis Barker nor Tommy Lee. In fact, Tommy Lee and Travis Barker may share the exact same amount of over-ratedness and sucktitude.
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