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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by FourOnSix View Post
you guys are straight up haters. ha

in all fairness Philly is missing three really good players in Gange, Timmonen, and Coburn(who logged a whopping one minutes twenty-some seconds in the first game before being struck witht he puck). I'm positive if Philly were healthy this would be an entirely different series.
I feel your pain,last nights game Holstrom was clearly not in the crease even on the overhead view but the ref said he was no goal for Datsyuk Dallas comes back and scores a goal total momentum switch in the game.I wonder if the same referee is going to be in Detroit Sat.?my guess is not.Oh well it will be sweet to win the game in Detroit anyway.

Turco was really on his game through I will give credit where credit is due.we need to put way more pressure on him.that's the formula for a sure win.

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