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Originally Posted by Matt-a-tat-tat View Post
everybody's entitled to their opinion. Some opinions are more informed than others. For instance: if I was an anstronaut and I had seen something I felt was a flying saucer and held the opinion that flying saucers were real and you (not an astronaut and had not ever seen anything that could not be explained) held the opinion that flying saucers were not real, my opinion would be more informed than yours. Some of the drummers on here have a ton of skill and education and style to have an informed, qualified opinion of travis barker: mainly that he sucks and is overrated. I for one cannot stand Mustard. It is my opinion that mustard sucks. To others Mustard is great. Does the fact that I think mustard sucks mean that I'm an idiot or that I shouldn't express my opinion that Mustard sucks? Now it might be difficult to have a real informed, qualified, expert opinion that thwarts all other's attempts at swaying me or someone about the virtues of Mustard but it's still an opinion and it's valid. I also think travis barker is a terrible but capable drummer - he has maintained a career as a drummer but he gets more praise than he deserves. Mainly I hate him because now all these little Xgames rapper d-bags are running around sporting the poser punk look calling themselves punks and ruining a subculture I hold very close and dear to my heart. And it's all his fault. Him and the morons who rapped that Butterfly Sugar song and the Cottonmouth Kings.

and just because someone says they're a punk doesn't mean they're a punk. it takes a little more than a bunch of tattoos and a mohawk (which puh diddy or diddy or whatever that retard calls himself was sporting a while ago) to make someone a punk.

but its still an opinion. informed as they may be.
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