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Default Re: Ronnie Tutt Drum Setup??

Originally Posted by stranjluv101 View Post
Ludwig made a 4" tom? What a little thing that must've been!

Correction, they would have been more on the lines of 12', 10', 8', and 6'. Little brain fart on my part there... Now that I think of it as well his rack toms were 12' in depth, not 10.

Now coming across a search on the web, I found this picture that states this was Ronnie Tutt's blue sparkle kit (at least what's left of it). I really don't know if this was it or it's just some replica kit someone had.

It's at the Hard Rock Cafe on 57th Street in NYC.

*Note, the blue sparkle Ludwig was the first Ludwig kit he played while with Elvis. For the summer 1970 Vegas shows he had a black Sonor double kick set, and for the "Elvis Comeback" July-August 1969 Vegas shows he had a gold sparkle Premier double kick kit.

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