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Originally Posted by skippy View Post
dont get me wrong some of my favorite drummers are billy martin, jojo mayer, and benny grebb. but that doesnt give me the right to come in here and say this drummer is boring uncreative and has no technique.
Of course it gives you no right to say that, because that would constitute an unqualified opinion, thus making your statement wrong. Using the technique comparison for example, to say Mayer had no chops would be a contradiction of the obvious. When for example a Travis fan talks about his blinding untouchable speed, that can be refuted by actual statistics and computer analysis. Some fanboys don't like to hear that, so they respond by saying your actual facts are just your opinion, while their rose colored guess is an opinion of equal value.

See what I'm sayin'? It's a load of garbage and the Internet is only place you see it where anybody takes it seriously.
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