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Originally Posted by skippy View Post
well in modern drummer travis said he wast just a punk drummer matt. i also love how all of you people decided for some reason that you have the skill and ability to judge every drummer. every one of you is on the steve gadd jojo mayer(i love both of them) band wagon. if someone comes on with a different opinion then you all attack them. travis is not the best drummer. i learned to play drums by playing along with blink cds. but all you "HIGH AND MIGHTY" drummers need to learn that you are in no place to judge them. dont get me wrong some of my favorite drummers are billy martin, jojo mayer, and benny grebb. but that doesnt give me the right to come in here and say this drummer is boring uncreative and has no technique. who cars if they can play jazz and funk. they are playing what they love to play just as you and i do. i know this will not make any of you think twice about what you say because no matter what you think youre right. so its just whatever. but put yourself in the person who feels that they have to defend their favorite drummer. what if it were steve gadd...?
First of all, my official opinion of Travis Barker is that he's a great drumming entertainer, who is better than his detractors claim, and not nearly on the level his fanboys believe. I also hear he's a super nice guy and a pretty down to earth guy. So he probably gets this too.

But that's not why I came here.

Skippy, I remember when you were around here a lot a couple of years ago. Almost everything that ever came out of your mouth was Travis Barker and how the high and mighty drummers of the world were mistreating him---high and mighty meaning those who didn't go hog wild over your guy like you did. Now you claim that you have these other drummers you admire, but I can't recall a single post where you ever had a qualatative thing to say about them, past one or 2 observations.

Sorry man, that's not opinion, that's blind fanboy adulation.

And that's my opinion, based on observing with great interest your point of view over the years, weighing the evidence, comparing one issue to another, observing how your comments about other drummers were mostly jealousy rants where you pointed out what you believed to be their weaknesses, because you thought admirers of those guys were being unfair to your guy etc...And most importantly listening, listening, listening to all the music, not just half a Buddy Rich video or 30 seconds of Elvin Jones that gives you just enough insight to know that he liked big fat rolls. I mean really listening to the other side. And yeah, I've listened to a lot of Travis Barker. In fact, if you go to the most widely viewed Travis Barker youtubes, you'll see my videos in the response section, 2 inches up from the comments.

That's how you put together an actual opinion. It's not a result of the first knee jerk reaction to come flying out of your head. This is something I have a real problem with on drum forums especially, where somebody will simply dismiss or label every thing ever said an opinion as if every utterance or act of babbling carries equal weight. How convenient it is to use terms like high and mighty when anyone can see that it's nothing but a tactic to even the terms of the discussion, when one side doesn't want to engage in the work required to have a real discussion. So instead the tactic is to try and punk the actual thought as something not cool, or something put out there by a mean old snob to make you look bad. It's also interesting to me that there was this comedy movie a couple of years ago called Idiocracy that made fun of a society 500 years in the future that thought just like this. You ought to look at it man, because almost every character in it is a fanboy who thinks every single thing is an opinion.

Seriously, I'm tired of this POV, because there are a lot of younger guys trying to do it the right way, and to me this dumb it down for everybody stuff just makes everybody under 20 look bad, and it can't be helping the image of Barker, Jordison etc, anymore than the older fanboys of Bonham, Peart or Buddy Rich can possibly be helping them.

You want to be taken more seriously? You listen to the other side and try to be serious about it. And when there are educated contradictions that can proven 1000 different ways, then you have to accept them as facts, and not opinions, because they're 2 different things. Because I don't feel that's something you've ever done.

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a lot of people on this forum have to be asked this question; whats your definition of "the best"?
Is that your opinion?
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