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Default Re: What makes a good musician?

I think there are a number of factors that are involved in making one a good musician. Here's a list that I've thought of and I'm ranking them from most imortant to least important.
1.) Personality/attitude- no one wants to play with a butt hole. It's very difficult to become a team player with someone who is selfish, egotistical or difficult to work with.
2.) Feel - You can have all the technical ability in the world, but if you can't apply it or play with a feel and groove, you're not going to play with the better players.
3.) Ability - You gotta have some ability and if you have alot of ability and alot of feel, you're probably going to have a good career.
4.) Awareness - In order to function as a team player within a group or band setting, you should be aware of the other players in the band and what they are playing in order to compliment their playing, rather than detract from it.
5.) Intelligence/common sense - There are a number of situations that will arise in one's career that will require smart and sensible decisions. Like refraining from drug and alchohol abuse, knowing when to seize an opportunity, avoiding conflict, dealing with club owners, etc.
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