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Originally Posted by adamdude

Dave A. was fired over breakfast by Stone for reasons that are no1 really fully understands to this day.

I think Dave A. was always at odds with Ed Vedder regarding all issues in the band. He was also disagreeing whereas the other band members would go with the flow and let Ed do whatever he wanted.

When Dave appeared on the cover of Modern Drummer, apparently Ed defaced a picture and drew a mustache on it. He thought Dave's "rock god" image was bad for Pearl Jam's anti-corporate stances.

The band, and more importantly Vedder, didn't want Abbruzzese to continue in the band and instead chose to replace him with close friend Jack Irons.

Another possibility was Dave's tendonitis. It caused him to sit out portions of shows during the 93' tour. The band had to improvise on stage and play songs without drums or use the opening band's drummer to finish songs. One example that comes to mind is November 20th, 1993 in Texas. Dave collapsed after "Alive" and the band played "Footsteps" and "Yellow Ledbetter'" minus the drums. Opening band Urge Overkill's drummer was called on to sit in for the encore of "Rockin' In the Free World."
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