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Oooo this could take a while.
all shall perish, as i lay dying,august burns red, avenged sevonfold,bury your dead, chimaira,dropkick murphys,from a second story window,Genghis Tron,gorefest,hate eternal,heaven shall burn, i killed the prom queen,kataklysm,killswitch engage,kingdom of sorrow, lamb of god,mastadon,morbid angel,nile,pantera,see you next tuesday,silent civilian,six feet under,slipknot,suicide silence,thy will be done,trivium,vital remains,a perfect murder,all that remains,anata, arch enemy, at the gates, belphegor,destroy the runner,diecast,drop dead gorgeous,dying fetus,gojira,kreator,machinemade god,monstrosity, neara,norma jean, psyopus, sargeist, testament, the taste of blood,jonbenet.

i know its a lot but theres many many more. i listen to music about 10hours a day lol
i did look at my itunes and i did pick out my fav ones
"Music is the only thing that makes since any more, cherish it, dont waste it."
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