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Default Re: Stanley Cup Playoffs

Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
Holy smokes! Could they sweep twice in a row? What's the Wing's record for consecutive playoff wins? Dallas isn't playing bad at all, theres just no way to stop Z and Datsyuk when they are playing at the top of their game.

Ozzy's not playing bad either, and I actually feel bad for Turco... He's awesome too, just taking some punishment.
The wings are looking great in these playoffs I knew they would be a threat but I wouldn't. think they would be sweeping teams and even through Dallas looked good last night I thought it would be a better match-up then it's been.San Jose must have really wore them out.if my memory is correct the 96_97 Wings sweeped Anaheim in the playoffs and
Sweeped Philly to win the Stanley Cup(sorry "fouronsix").Again "GO WINGS"

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