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Originally Posted by junglelord View Post
While I never considered that he was trying to be Jeff, I thought that he was trying to be true to the songs which was obvious in the rest of the songs that he played But for some unknown reason, he did not do the shuffle to Rosanna, which confuses me and confounds me because I'm sure he can do it. And of course it is the signature sound to that song. The fact that he did not play at while he did the rest of the songs The same the way Jeff did still confuses me.
PS I knew he did not answer the questions it was purely rhetorical.
I have yet to get a satisfactory answer from any drummer I've talked to. The only conclusion I can come to, which was seen to be impossible. Is that he actually can't play that shuffle.
Of course we know he can, or it would seem improbable that he cannot.
Therefore, the question still remains, why did he not reproduce the shuffle. When he played Rosanna live with toto?
He did not play it like Jeff becasue that is what the guys in Toto wanted. They wanted him to stay true to the music but play it his style, not Jeff's. This is what was told to me firsthand from Toto's tour Martin Cole. We had a very long discussion after a Toto show a couple of years ago.


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