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Default Re: Which Guitar beginner book????

Originally Posted by Class A Drummer View Post
This probably wont be the best explanation but...
First, turn the guitar over so the back is facing you. Then stick the string (the pointy side without the little circle thing on the end) through the tiny little whole and pull it through the front all the way once it makes its way far enough through the hole. Then pull it through both holes of the tuning peg thing where all the other strings are, but MAKE SURE YOU PULL THE STRING TIGHT. Do not let it be loose. Then while making sure it is tight, wrap it in a circle around the little peg a few times. Then put it back through the hole of the peg and sort of weave around any part of the string and tie it up so it does not become undone. Then tune it to the note E (if you want standard tuning).
That is not the right way to put a guitar string on. when you put a string on an electric guitar you don't tie the ends for starters.

Everything is fine til you get to the tuning peg. what you want to do is set the tuning peg so that the hole that the string goes through is perpendicular to the neck of the guitar. next run the string through the hole til you are about 4 inches onto the wound part of the string. you then press the part of the string about an inch before the peg against the head stock. wind the string up counterclockwise on the peg for tuners on the top and clockwise for bottomside tuners. You're going to wind it until it's in the general area of an E. then you're going to want to gently pre-stress the string so that it won't fall out of tune while you play. you do this by grabbing the string around the 12th fret and pulling it up from the fretboard about an inch and a half. do this until the string will stay intune when you do that(don't forget to increase the tension of the string back to an E[e 2 octaves below middle c to be specific]) after each couple of times you pull it. don't jerk or pull the string too far off the board or you run the risk of snapping the string or bending the neck.

that said, buy the beggening guitar book from melbay, and the grimore guitar chord and scale books for theory guidance.

direct questions to the PM. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that i'm probably the most knowledgable guitarist on this site, and i mean that as no knock to anyone else here that plays.

the most important thing for a beggening guitarist is not to overload yourself. you aren't going to sound good for awhile, get used to it, and get better
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