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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by Mirkko View Post
Hi Billy!
I'm Mirkko DeMaio, we meet the last year at Frankfurt,i was in the ROLL drumsticks factory from Italy(d u remember the shaker mallets and the jingle sticks???)
I want to thank u for the DVD,i've learned so much important stuff from it,for ex,to sing (in silence when u're in studio!) the tempos and melody in my head.
Thanks very much again!

Thanks Mirkko! Great to hear from you! your shaker mallet sticks are on the floor at my studio as we speak! I am still using those! You were one of the many pals I was missing when I didn't attend the Musikmesse this year. Hopefully next year I'll see you at the show! Thanks again for the compliment!

And Bernhard - thanks as always for you friendship and support. I think this year's show will be pretty amazing. It will be a thrill to meet all of the drummers that I don't yet know. Simon, of course, is awesome! Getting to play something completely different (with my trio) than what I usually do will be a ton of fun as well! it looks like I'm going to be the "jazzy guy" at the show this year. :D
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