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Default Re: Which Guitar beginner book????

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Hey guys,

A guitar player that I jam with a few times a month brought over a beat up old electric yamaha guitar and a small amp and said he wanted to leave it at my place and that I could go ahead and play on it anytime I want. I went to the music store and looked online but if I thought there were alot of choices for beginning drums man there must be 100 times as much for guitar. So my question for anyone that has been playing around with the guitar is what beginner book would you recommend?

I do know that I want to learn on an electric, and I want to lean more towards rock/classic rock.. I dont know whether I should get something that starts with chords or fingers etc..Having a dvd to watch would be a huge bonus too.

Also the thickest string was missing so I went and bought one but I am not sure how to put it on. I figured out to take the small cover off the back of it and actually got the string in all the way up to the neck part but I am not sure how to wrap it around the key thing and which way i should turn it.. I bent it up pretty good trying to figure it out but it never felt right so i undid it.

Keep in mind that I still have an awful lot of things to learn on the drums and they will still be my main focus. I plan on practicing the guitar maybe 2-3hrs a week tops.
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I don't know if you have Comcast, but if you do, they have a really good On-demand basic guitar for beginners section. Much better than a book. I just started playing guitar last year, and it helped a lot.

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