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Default Re: Which Guitar beginner book????

Ive played guitar for about 2-3 years now. So a real question is what level are you at? Are you a complete beginner with no experiance? If not, are you still at the level where its difficult to get your finger in the right place fast enough? Do you need to look at the fret board when hitting different notes?

If not, then i would not suggest books. I would suggest getting teacher. Besides a book of jazz/blues songs, we dont really use books at all during my lesson. I would suggest learning your basic pentatonics and blues scales, and the basic chords (G,C,E,A,D,Em,Am,Dm,F).

As for books, i really wouldnt know sorry. Just thought id throw in a few pointers.

Feel free to message me if you need help with anything whether its technique or just anything guitar related. Im still a beginner myself i would say.

I started learning this today by myself, im going to see if my teacher can help me out with it though

Edit- Forgot about the string changing.

This probably wont be the best explanation but...
First, turn the guitar over so the back is facing you. Then stick the string (the pointy side without the little circle thing on the end) through the tiny little whole and pull it through the front all the way once it makes its way far enough through the hole. Then pull it through both holes of the tuning peg thing where all the other strings are, but MAKE SURE YOU PULL THE STRING TIGHT. Do not let it be loose. Then while making sure it is tight, wrap it in a circle around the little peg a few times. Then put it back through the hole of the peg and sort of weave around any part of the string and tie it up so it does not become undone. Then tune it to the note E (if you want standard tuning).
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