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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Originally Posted by -Nirvana- View Post
Really awsome drums..your friend jody is my drum teacher! and those are awsome drums!!! I have played them and they sound awsome!!! funny that i see my drum teacher's sonor drum set on drummerworld lol.

I got Jody that kit for an incredible deal from my sonor museum member friend Kelly.
I own the kits on the first page, Signature and Ebony.

Jody and I and his cousin Magical Mark were taught by his uncle Ugene. We have been drumming buddies since 1978. His Uncle Ugene was trained down in Pottsdam, Crane School of Music, where Steve Gadd is from. Ugene was heavy into Tony Williams.

Jody, Mark and I were Rush and Zep fans. We were amazed at Ugene do Tony Williams. Man those were the days. I actually played drums for Rick St.Pierre and Sledge Rock Group back in those days for 9 months. We lived across the road on Notre Dame. Mark and Jody on the other side, and Ugene gave lessons in Marks Grandpa's house which was between Mark and Jody, in the basement...Notre Dame was rocking.

Sledge Rock Group did the Kiss thing in walls of sound back then. Ten 100Watt double stack Marshalls just for the lead player, Rick St.Pierre
LOL. Four 250Watt Monoblocks for the bass player. Sledge actually rented Heart's PA system the night Roy Nicholes drummed for them at La Citidale highschool. They blew the city block three times....and we both know there's only schools on that block...LOL. Man was that loud, but what a clean perfect sound....blew my mind, that was the day I vowed to drum for Rick. Be careful you might get what you wish for...LOL>

When I joined Sledge Rock Group it was in transition from Led Zep covers to AC/DC covers, this is before they were big in america, we had over seas albums. The picture of the Sonor kit on "if you want blood" was my first experinece to want a Sonor kit. I was driven to get better and better with my meter, Rick was relentless, but a great teacher.

I love Rick and he is the reason I drum so solid. Since he hangs with Phil Rudd, you can see why.

Rick St. Pierre moved out to BC, I stayed. Rick invented Wizard Amps and is the guitar tech for Angus Young of AC/DC. He was out in Vancouver with AC/DC all last two months. Going on the road next year. Rick was with Alice Copper when he came to town. I got a sweet cymbal autographed by Eric Singer thanks to Rick. Rick does live in town. Builds Wizard amps where Roy Nicholes works, again another great drummer, that Roy. Roy played for Rick back in 1976. My friend Rick Nadeau filled in shortly after. Rick Nadeau also took lessons down in Pottsdam. We all agree St Pierre, although a huge so full of ego, that its not worth the journey. Mark and I used to call him Rubber and Hollywood after drumming for him. I always knew his was as good as he said and thought he was going to be as famous as he is, but man way too much ego for my taste. I don't care how talented you should not drown in your own self glory.

Having said that, I will say Rick St.Pierre is as good as he says he is and taught me more about timing and meter then anyone dispite the fact he plays lead guitar and builds the best amps.

I actually had jody's Gretsch kit at my house, one year, for six I love that late 70's Gretsch kit.He got that from Gary Grace, drummer for Prism, and Gary is also the bomb. What a drummer. For such a small town, we have some of the best drummers I have ever seen except the top pros...that is the one thing going for Cornwall, that and we live on the St. Lawerence.

The Sonor S Class shells are the same as my Designer Ebony minus the ebony innear ply, which makes a huge difference. Wicked sounding drums.


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