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Default Re: Pat Petrillo here!

Hi Pat!! It's so great to be able to talk to you! I have been using your book and DVD for the past 4 months or so.. and it has helped me improve my drumming more than anything else :) If I had the chance I would go to one of your clinics, but I live in New Zealand -When are you coming here?!!

Anyway, a question about double strokes: you mention in the book that you don't 'pull' the second stroke, but the way my teacher has taught me is to use a 'push-pull' technique i.e. using the fingers to pull the stick towards the palm to create the second stroke. However I find that this way of doing doubles really strains the tendons on the back of my hand. So could you please explain to me in more detail how to do a proper double stroke roll? Thanks.

Btw I have never seen a drummer who can groove like you do on the DVD.. the musical performances are awesome! You're the best :)

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