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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

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No issues but I just bought a new Force 3007 and the edges are cut sharp compared to the edges on my Gretsch kit. Gretsch along with others use a more rounded edge that mates quite well with the curve of the drum head. My Gretsch kit has always been easy to tune and sounds great. As for the Force kit I just got it yesterday and haven’t spent much time with it. It is a great build though and I am looking forward to getting it ready for our shows. It is finished in natural maple and should look great on stage. What I was asking was if any of the Sonor players had any feedback as to how they tune and sound with this edge design. I do like the “Tunesafe” lugs. Every manufacture should have this feature. I play this weekend but hope to spend time Sunday working on the tuning and setup of the kit. Looking forward to it.
No troubles with the edges on my Force 3007. They are sharp as can be, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but I found I didn't have to round them off like I do with most modern drums.

I get a wicked attack, wonderful warm resonance even with clear 1 or 2 ply heads, the sustain sings for days with either 1 or 2 ply clears, they fill up a room nicely and record exceptionally well.

I find these Force 300x drums DO NOT LIKE 2 ply coated heads. Way too dull, lifeless, no tone, all slap, an all around terrible sound.
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