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Default Re: Show off your Yamaha

Originally Posted by Bojangleman View Post
well, in the first pic of me playing, it goes:
14" B8 Hats
14" B8 Crash
16" B8 Crash
20" B8 Ride

in the other pics of them in my room, here they go:

14" B8 Hats
14" B8 Crash
16" B8 Crash
16" Zildjian Rock Crash(old)
18" Wuhan China
20" B8 Ride

i also have a 10" XS20 Splash and a 16" B8 Pro Crash...

the Zildjian, B8 Pro crash, and 14" B8 crash are cracked..

do you like your B8 cuz you know there is a big thing about B8 being terrible and stuff just wondering if you like B8 because i have a B8 14" hi-hat, B8 18" Crash/Ride and a B8 8" splash and i dont find them that bad? just wondering here i will start a thread of this because i dont want to change this thread Show off your yamaha's!
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