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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

^^^wow that's a lot of stuff

I use my stickbag mainly for sticks and to hold one of my drumkeys. All my other accessories are in my eliminator case.

(4) Vic Firth 5b
(1) Ahead 5b
(1) ProMark Retractable Brushes
(1) Vater Whips (I go through hot rods like a pedophile in a playground)(maybe that was a bad analogy...)
(1) Mike Balter Yarn Mallets
Earplugs earplugs earplugs...

Pedal Case:
Cams for Eliminators
Chains for Eliminators (I switched to belt drive)
(8) Drumkeys - Various Pearl, Mapex, Ludwig... (Hey, it's always good to have a spare right?)
Nylon Cymbal Sleeves
Moongel (idk why, because I never use the stuff)
6-in-1 screwdriver
Allen Keys
Sharpie for autographs (once again idk why, because I never seem to use it...) :-)
Boss Metronome
Spare 9V batteries
Spare Hi-Hat clutch
Piano polishing cloth (is excellent for drum shells and hardware!!!)

There's probably more, but I haven't navigated my way to the bottom in quite some time. There's probably some weed, some crack, and maybe the mexican I smuggled across the border last summer; I always seem to lose track of where I put them... :-D

Edit: To avoid confusion, the drug part was a joke. I stay away from that stuff!
My Project Mapex:
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