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Default Re: Keith Moon

I will start by agreeing that The Isle of White concert is amazing;
that any one playing Who music in a band will always try to mirror what Moon did or else it does not sound quite right, including Kenny Jones who is a great drummer in his own right;

The tightest I have heard him is on "Pure and Easy" from Odds and Sods and everything on Quadraphonia, and I mean tight;

He opens up acoustic tracks with double bass licks.

I could go on, I listen and love lots of drum playing, all sorts and I am defiantly not stuck in any sort of genre of music and I consider Moon was a very creative drummer and explosive, like a full classical orchestra. And another thing crossed my mind, has anyone listened to a group that was not that good and said “but the drummer was dynamite”; perhaps the answer for some of you is yes but my point is that the argument is redundant. The Who and Who music would not be what it is with out the playing style of Keith Moon plain and simple and vice versa.
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