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Sorry I'm coming to this party so late. I have been a huge King's X fan since FHL came out in '90 or '91. Seen them 20+ times and they are always on. Vernon Reid from Living Colour said on VH1 that they never have a bad night performing and that itís a shame that they are not the biggest band in the world. I went through my different drummer phases, (Alex Van Halen, Weckl, Vinnie, Cobham, etc) but through it all Jerry has been at the top of my list since the early 90ís. He is incredibly fluid, tasteful, and can sing his ass off. It also doesnít hurt that heís a super nice guy as well. I actually got to play with them a couple of years ago at the HOB on Sunset. What a thrill. Hell, I named my dog Jerry only because my wife shot me down on naming our first son after him.
What would Jerry do??
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