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Originally Posted by ledzepjb View Post
Originally Posted by Speedy
Heck No!!! lol....Bonham at one point did have a double bass setup, but he hated it with a passion.

He learned to roll his right foot so good because he was listening to Vanilla Fudge one day and he heard Carmine Appice do a double stroke on the bass drum. So Bonham thought he would try it. It took him a little bit of time but he got it. He found out one day that the double stroke Carmine did was on a double bass set and Bonham only did it with one foot! After that he speed kept on growing and growing....

Quote:Really? I'm very interested in hearing your sources for that story.

Answer: I also read this in a magazine issu dedicated to zeppelin, they interviewed all of the members and Carmine Appice and they said it was true.
As I recall, Bonham played with the two bass drums until the rest of the band removed the other one and hid it, because there was too much going on! JPJ said he had enough trouble keeping up with one bass drum, let alone two.

Keith Moon may not have been technically perfect, but he was one of the most expressive drummers in rock in the 70s. You can always hear it's him, too.
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