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Default Re: Buddy Rich Stick Click Trick?

Years ago when I was in college I met Buddy at a small hotel lounge near us in Grand Rapids, MI. He was half asleep during the first hour set but when he came back for the second what a show!! He did the stick Click Trick and explained that he was taught that when he performed on stage at 4 years old! He used to perform without a drum set...just sticks...and he also would throw the sticks on the floor so they would bounce back to his hands. He showed me both and really it isn't that hard...just a lot of practice as you are hitting one stick on the downstroke and the other on the upstroke. I am not that great of percussionist but I was able to build up to a reasonable speed for my music exams in college. The stick bounce off the floor isn't so useful but I used to practice that as well and I got so 90% of the time they would come up BUT ...the other 10% makes you look like an idiot!

Good Luck!
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