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Originally Posted by RichardBlank View Post
Thanks for the replies. I am sure that his name has popped up every now and again.

Is it true that he has never dropped a drumstick during a concert?

Just to mention, back in 1984, grace under pressure was my first concert. Imagine, Philadelphia spectrum, tons of craziness and a young 12 year old Richard with his dad in a 3 piece suit. "Pops, what is that smell?Something burning?"

Those were the days...

I've seen him drop a stick, Hold Your Fire show he dropped a stick. Dropping sticks happens. Nothing you can do about that except glue them to yourself maybe. I've seen him break sticks. I've even seen the whole band get completely lost during "Secret Agent" on the Counterparts Tour here in Austin; I mean they completely got all messed up and they got back into it without any problems at all. Truly great musicians those guys. I've even seen Peart stand up during a break in a song and do the Pete Townshend guitar arm thing then he sat back down and began playing. In 96 at the Test For Echo show in San Antonio, Lifeson's whole rig went out and the solo in "Subdivisions" was getting close. He stayed calm. The crew got it on just in time. Truly a great crew.
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