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kenny arnoffs power work out 1 and 2

if there is a book get it instead of the dvd

the dvd is good but the pdf files are better than the dvd as the dvd is just a repetitive list of exercise which need promting with the pdf files.

the dvd is a set of exercise making up 2 workouts each of which would take about 20 mins to complete. the 1 st work out will get your double bass going and the 2nd work out focuses on right left hand independence.

kind of uses exercises comprised of stick control stickings. with off beats filled in with bass drum or double bass drum ostinato underneath. and single double and triplet and polyrytham hand ostinatos over the top.

the exercises look like they will drasticly improve your power and indurance and independence if you say did each workout for 1 the way you will have to be pretty fit to play the workouts! hard work

the dvd is ok but the information contained within is a very good

p.s. if you have not seen kenny arnoff play before he hits unbeliveably hardand if you did the power work outs you might be as powerful as kenny.
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